May’s Petography Competition Winners

Competition Winners - Zig, Zag & Sam

I ran a petography competition in May. The lucky winner was Kerry from Cambridgeshire. Kerry had said she didnt enter many competitions because she hardly won, so was completely surprised when her name come up saying she had. So as you can imagine it was a very nice surprise for her.

Kerry had entered her three dogs into the competition who was Zig & Zag who are both Collies & Sam who is a little Terrier. They were excellent models for me on the day and I had an amazing time getting to know each of there wonderful characters.



Being the pup of the family, he puts his trust in Zig & Sam to show him the ropes of life on the farm. Zag is an energetic dog that loves to play with his favourite item the ball. Doesnt matter what type of ball as long as it can be thrown or kicked, he will keep playing.


Sam is the smallest of the three but dont let this fool you. He certainly makes up for it in character.

This colourful little terrier likes lots of fuss and attention. Sam even wanted to help me take the photos.

Sam likes to enjoy the sun and knows a trick or two to get the treats 🙂


Zig is the eldest member of the family and likes enjoying his life by going down to help with the horses or out on the farm.

He likes to take things easy after helping out and this is done by chilling in the sun or having a dip in the paddling pool.

He done this the morning of the shoot Oops 🙂

I had a wonderful time working with these three amazing dogs. I enjoyed listing to Kerry telling me all about them and what they get up to. They all provided me with entertainment, laughter and a day I will not forget. This is why i love my job, not only do I get to work with what I love, I get to know new people and animals and give them something they can treasure forever.

Thank you to Kerry, Zig, Zag & Sam for being such wonderful winners and fabulous fun.

Have a look at my highlights below and if you wish to enquire regarding a shoot for your favourite fury friend please get in touch

Tiffany xx